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Edden Ram

Born in Los Angeles, California, Edden Ram is a world-renowned travel and lifestyle photographer and videographer.

He specializes in capturing vibrant landscapes and adventurous scenes that set your imagination and heart racing. With camera in hand, he has worked in and visited over 60 countries across 6 continents.

Edden builds resonant visual stories for clients in a diverse range of fields, including action sports, travel, tech start-ups, and commercial industry. When he’s not working, he continues to travel and create content around the world for his own personal enjoyment.

Edden is continuously expanding his portfolio, marking off new destinations almost every month. He documents his adventures everywhere from Iceland to Indonesia to Sub-Saharan Africa with an array of vibrant photos. He shares highlights from his travels on social media, creating a substantial following of fans and giving everyone a chance to see the awe-inspiring beauty of the world through his lens.

His motto is “Do More,” and he hopes his work inspires his audience to live by those words.